Callaway Edge Combo Set Review

Amateur golfers want clubs that improve their game and give them as much forgiveness as possible at a reasonable price, given the price tag on the new Callaway Edge Combo Set, they do exactly just that. The Set is built and designed by the biggest research and development team in golf industry, offered to you by the easiest to hit and extremely forgiving hybrid irons ever made.

The Edge Combo Set features some of the best-looking clubs in the game, despite their good looks and great design, these irons use game-changing technology that’s bound to give your shots more distance, as well as reduce the impact of your mishits which is perfect for amateur golfers who are looking to take their game to a new level. These clubs might not turn you into a pro just yet anyway, but they will certainly give you an edge over your opponents.

The Edge Combo Set features a high launch hybrid design, producing the easiest to hit hybrids in the Callaway line-up that provides a lowered center of gravity with improved launch angles and forgiveness. Because the lofts of these irons are increased, the ball-launching task should be much easier trying to get that ball into the air.

Let’s see what is inside the Callaway Edge Combo 10-piece Golf Club Set:

Titanium Driver:

 The driver comes with a large club head made from titanium. It has a fast face and a very low center of gravity which will certainly improve your launch prowess. The driver’s shaft is made of graphite which makes it very lightweight, making it easy to swing and great for improving your distance.


The shaft of the wood is made of graphite, making it lightweight and great for getting more distance. It’s aerodynamic club head and low center of gravity make the 3-wood great for launching the ball on a long flight with minimal effort.


The 5-hybrid is very forgiving thanks to its cambered sole. It makes launching the ball from any type of lie an easy task without putting in too much effort.

#6, #7, #8, #9-Iron, PW, SW:

All the irons in this set come standard with steel shafts, providing a fast and very forgiving shot.

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter:

The putter gives you a great feel, provided by the Super Stroke grip, this allows for a firm grip and an easy putt.

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