Fancourt – Montagu Golf Course

Travelling to a little town called George just off the wild coast of Knysna in South Africa is often a place taken for granted. The town is small yet entertaining with some of the best local restaurants in the region. The food and wines are divine, but if you are looking to play a good game of golf, you have come to the right place.

On the outskirts of George, most golfers that come and visit, fall in love with the Montagu golf course at the Fancourt estate for its natural beauty and peaceful golfing. Since it’s opening in 2005, it has attracted hundreds of golfing fanatics from all over the world to the green grass and the white sands of the Montagu golf course.

Experience nature at its best as you play the 18-hole course, surrounded by big beautiful trees, water features and a vast amounts of animal life you are bound to encounter on the course, all of this combined into a stretch of 6324 meters of golfing turf is certainly a good way to spend your day.

Golfers can expect to be challenged by this golf course, the input and involvement of experts such as Gary Player is certainly recognizable when playing through the golf course, after all, the 17th hole of this course does somewhat resemble the 12th hole from the famous Augusta National golf course in the US which truly makes this course one of a kind.

The beauty of the Montagu golf course really speaks for itself, although words cannot fully describe the tranquility that any golfer feels while playing on this course, it is certainly worth it to experience it first-hand yourself.

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