Why Golf is the 51st Shade of Grey

Why do many people play golf? For us, it’s mostly the sensation of raw power that comes from hitting a little white ball as far as we can see with such technique and finesse that it becomes so effortless. The feeling of striking the ball the right way and watching it fly is, very arguably, an intense excitement and happiness unmatched in any other sport. we play golf to ‘compete against ourselves’ in the presence of others, I’ve never found a sport in which I ‘compete against myself’ more often than I do during a round of golf.

Unlike many sports, golf is personal. You play against yourself to try to beat your own previous record. This motivates you to work harder and try to do better than the last time you played. As you get better, you can set new goals for yourself to knock more strokes off your score. The great thing about this game is that at no point are you done improving, you can always shoot a lower score or play more difficult courses to challenge yourself to try and improve your handicap.

Playing golf is a great cardiovascular exercise which comes with several physical and mental health perks, just by swinging a golf club, you build muscle and strengthen your core, if you prefer carrying your golf bag instead of using a golf cart, you will certainly reach you daily steps in no time. The fresh air and beautiful countryside that we experience on the course can make you feel happy and relaxed,  when it’s just you, your club, and your ball, it allows you to clear your mind and put things into perspective while only focusing on the one problem at hand, which is getting that ball into the hole.

The game would get boring fairly quickly if you could hit the perfect shot every time, so the rarity of success is what makes it so captivating, since golf is a very different sport to that of basketball, you have the chance to savor a great shot for a good few minutes and not have to get back into the game almost immediately. The feeling you get from a well-struck ball is better than any drink, drug, or orgasm you most probably ever experienced and the despair at messing up the next shot is deeper and more painful than any hangover, withdrawal or breakup you’ve probably ever had.

Golf is an extremely sociable sport, this is generally a good way to connect with people and make new friends. One of the easiest ways is to head to the course alone. Let the clubhouse know you’re willing to join others, and they’ll be more than happy to set you up with other willing groups. Before you know it, you’ll be heading out for a celebratory drink with a new friend or two. The course is also known as a good place to make new business deals as it is a game played by many other business professionals, if you’re looking to improve your career, it might be time to take up golfing so you can take out colleagues or bosses out for a round. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and have a neutral location where it’s easy to talk about anything.  This is one of the very few sports where practically anyone can play, you can enjoy a game with friends, colleagues, partners, spouses and children, where anyone can compete with a different handicap.

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